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Zettai Kareshi (POLL) – Who do you want Riiko to be with?


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11 thoughts on “Zettai Kareshi (POLL) – Who do you want Riiko to be with?

  1. lol I was just about to post something like that on my blog too… u did it first lol.

  2. Night!!! Cause Night really work very hard to try to woo Riiko.
    Hope the drama will not show Night die. Cause the manga did.

  3. Hiro-kun!! (Or Soshi whatever) Definetely!! He loves Riiko so much! And he’s actually a human! Nothing against robots but he cant age with Riiko or be a human no matter how good they program him…

  4. soushi!!! yeah cause night is a robot… poor night though… night is sooo much better in the drama… (hayami) 🙂

  5. I can’t decide.. haha… Soushi realistically….as Hikari mention, Nighto can’t age with Riiko… 😦 Actor-wise, I’d go for Hayami… He acts really well with spot-on facial expression.. not to mention good-looking too 😉

  6. Nighto without a doubt.

    I really dont see much intensity of Soshi’s love for Riiko, it’s just like a spur of a moment thing… I find him saying those lines of being able to grow old with Riiko a bit cheesy and unconvincing.

  7. just watched zettai a few days back… loved it!!
    ending sux though!!! (T_T) night dint hav 2 die(or wateva)!!!
    dey shud hav aimed for a happier ending……………

    nighto roxx!! soshi’s not bad either ^_^

  8. nighto!!!!!! he loves riiko very much eventhough he is a robot, so i think he should be in riiko’s side, and said, “okaeri, riiko.” TT______TT

  9. absolutly nigto kun!!
    cause he is riiko’s zettai kareshi!!

  10. Nighto! He’s developing and really starting to understand Riiko, and yes, he tries so hard for her and it’s just really sweet.

    I really only see Soshi as a childhood friend, probably just because I don’t really like him. Sometimes he puts Nighto down and makes him seem like he’s the worst boyfriend possible for Riiko and it just pisses me off. -_-

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