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Zettai Kareshi episode 8

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The love that exists outside Nighto’s programming, Riiko is just starting to react to it” – Namkiri

Watch here or Download the torrent here

I like this episode alot for few reasons. One of the reason is that I get to see HYD F4 Akira as Roboto 02. Seem like he is always a guest-star or co-star ne? This guy can really act but I wonder why he’s not getting any juicier roles like his other HYD F4 actors.

Anyways, I’m so delighted that Riiko has finally showing some feelings towards Nighto. Better late than never 😉 Ahh.. they’ve gotten really closer and closer. and I believe Riiko has almost forgotten that Nighto is a robot when they were playing hair-makeup until she was jolted back to “reality” looking at his barcode behind his ear.

Bar owner : But if you live with a robot, you’ll never get a boyfriend
Riiko : I know that (with an acceptance look at Nighto?)

They look so lovely together, ne… and Riiko’s dimple looks really sweet too, Sigh… Rain will come soon to chase their sunshine away and I’m gonna dreaded that part… 😦

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