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Last Friends – Too fast!!

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More pictures of Last Friends here
Watch the drama here or download the torrent here and its soft-subs here

Oh Gosh! I’m gonna faint waiting for episode 10! The story has gone really super-fast speed now whereas the theme song Prisoner of Love has gone much slower and quieter… Plus, its ratings has surpassed Takuya Kimura’s Change and not too far behind Gokusen 3, according to Tokyograph.

I hope Last Friends beat Gokusen 3 😛 I just don’t understand why Gokusen 3 is still so damn popular… Oh yeah, I forgot about its main attraction. There’s a new set of young and fresh guys to drool over now…. regardless of same ol’ repeating yaddi yadda ol storyline. Emm.. Gokusen 1 will always remain the better Gokusen for me 😛

Anyways, back to Last Friends… as much as I love the drama, i’m kinda sighing, not 100% disappointed and not really complaining either 😛 It”s not that I like draggy kinda drama but the story pace is indeed kinda TOO rush now.. no? Takeru’s story is not fully developed and the same goes for Eri. Somehow, it feels like I’m being hurried to drink the unripe wine from some random paper cups..


One thought on “Last Friends – Too fast!!

  1. hi,

    just wondering.. maybe i am too late.. but none of the link works for drama or bt download…

    well.. still thank you.. at least i’ve tried.. ^+++^ thx~~ ^^

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