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Japanese drama 2008 Spring Poster or Banner

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Poster or Banner plays an important part of attracting viewers, dun ya think so? It’s like first impression for me. Change’s banner is BORING. I suppose Takuya Kimura in the drama itself is enough? and therefore, needless to make an interesting banner?.

Anyhow, below are my personal favorite banners for 2008 Spring japanese drama. and why I love them. What’s yours?

Muri na Renai
I simply love the simplicity of this poster. A man on a hill holding a bouquet of flowers under a snowy sky. Looks so interesting and sugoi and so I check out the sypnosis… but erm.. I can’t say much about the drama storyline though. I’m just not so keen in watching 60 year-old guy falling in love with a younger woman.
I may sound really harsh but it’s rather too disgusting. Anyhow, if the drama is really good and worth watching, do change my narrow-minded me ne…

Last Friends
Symbolic and beautiful. The main characters all in white with black hair lying down with red ribbons entwine each of their wrist except for Michiru (Masami Nagasawa) who has both her wrists entwined. Another difference is Takeru’s (Eita) eyes are not close like the others. Simply beautiful.


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