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Itazura na Kiss or It Started With A Kiss – Which is better?


I wonder which version shall I watch first… the animation version? or Taiwanese drama version, or perhaps the old 1996 Japanese drama version? Hmm, which one is better? Story-wise, it does not look appealing but then I couldn’t help jumping on the wagon since the taiwanese version is so hot and popular these days… Hmm, I wonder which soundtrack is better too….


18 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss or It Started With A Kiss – Which is better?

  1. I’ve only seen the taiwanese version and I can tell you that the sequel, They Kiss Again, is much much better than ISWAK itself.

  2. I’ve only seen the taiwanese version and I can tell you that the sequel, They Kiss Again, is much much better than ISWAK itself. Both seasons have amazing soundtracks.

  3. wow! In that case, I’m gonna check out ISWAK and They Kiss Again first.. Thanks for the recommendation, raison 😉

  4. you should watch TAIWANESE version both sequel ISWAK & TKA….. just finished both version and totally entertaining and heartwarming at the same time….. for the soundtrack both are really good… as for the anime…. been following it… it is also quite good… really different from the series…… hope you enjoy both series as well as i did…..

  5. hi feverish

    am currently downloading ISWAK hehe 😉

  6. Start with anime. (because anime is usually the 1st thing everybody watches) well, except for Nodame Cantabile. (but only because the drama was released first) The taiwanese version was good. But I loved the Japanese version for some reason even though it’s old.

  7. hi corin

    I get what you mean. Anime is like an appetizer. No worries, I will definitely watch the Japanese version too even though it’s old… cause I love classics especially more so with underrated charismatic good-looking Kashiwabara. 🙂

  8. definitely itazura na.. animated version!!! its damn good!!
    m sooo in love wid irie-kun n kotoko!!!!!!
    its amazin… i’d also love 2 catch da jap dorama^_^

  9. I perfer Itazura na kiss Drama because I felt she was to soft in the taiwanese version. I didn’t really feel their relationship

  10. hmmm… i finally started watchin d taiwanese version… n i loved it!!!!!
    d chars r damn cute ^_^
    the jap drama is pathetic… d cast is ……………..lets nt get me started on it..
    d taiwanese version is pretty good… love zhi shu’s actin is superb… he carries off d role really well…. i’m only on d 6th epi now.. so cnt say much… bt so far so good ^_^ infact.. d latest episodes of d anime r losin deir charm…. its nt as interestin any more…
    tc minna!!!

  11. oh yes.. in all dat blabbering.. i fgot 2 ask… cn someone pls tell me….
    wer cn i get d opening n ending themes of it started with a kiss???
    pls pls^_^
    arigatou gozaimasu
    jaa neee!!!!

  12. ..haiitzx 2 ol .. since its iswak ure ol talkin about i guess i have 2 leave a comment bout d issu … as 4 me iswak of taiwan is d best not juz w/ the actors and actersses but also theyre acting skills in playing the role !! and JOE CHENG is MORE HOTTER THAN THE ACTOR OF THE JAPANESE VERSION!!

  13. both taiwan or japanese version i like it. but the one i love most is taiwan. although is long story, it make deep feeling for viewer n chemistry between Ariel n Joe so sweet

  14. Amazing freakin blog here. I almost cried while reading it!

  15. That was wonderful i must say. really liked what you have addressed here and yea thats true.

  16. i’ve actually enjoy watching iswak of korean version and fell inlove with the team lovers..then starting to crave for more story then i’ve ended to the iswak of taiwanese, then again fell in love with ariel and joe at the same time, were in i almost watch it over and over for a im done with them but not yet im planning to watch the iswak of japanese version..hope it will be more lovely and full of love coz this is were iswak started…going home early and buy a dvd of this 🙂

  17. Watch It Started With A Kiss, first. I watched the anime and the Korean drama before I watch the Taiwanese version… I liked the two other versions but Iswak really got to me. The girl’s love for the guy was really sweet and the romance between theme is amazing, sweet and innocent but at the same time its overwhelmingly passionate and its one of my favorite Asian dramas ever especially since I don’t really like Taiwanese and more into Korean and Japanese. There is also a Japanese version that is not anime and I highly suggest you DO NOT watch that version… its just simply awful… hope I help and I am more than sure, if you do watch the Taiwan version…that you’ll love it just as much as I did… email me if you wanna know more about the plot or the characters.. I’d be happy to help…

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