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Kamenashi talks openly about KATTUN members

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I love this interview and thus stamping its sugoiness before it’s being removed from YouTube one day…

Host : We’d like to hear what Kamenashi thinks of KAT-TUN’s personalities by answering “….. is the most …. in KAT-TUN” We’re going to talk about KAT-TUN, okay?

Host : Who is the biggest cheapskate amongst the members?
Kame : Cheapskate?
Host : Yes. Stingy. Someone who counts his pennies well or something like that
Kame : Taguchi.
Host : Taguchi? Why, why? Why him?
Kame : Or Akanishi
Host : Akanishi? Why do you say that?
Kame : Taguchi isn’t really stingy. It’s just that he’s very exact about money. He’s methodical. He writes down how much money he spent in a notebook.
Host : That’s unusual
Kame : Once I wondered what he was doing and I saw him writing “this thing was 390 yen”
Host : Accounting. He made a good bride. That’s great
Kame : And Akanishi, he used to charge 500 yen to enter his house. His friends had to pay 500 yen to get into his house
Host : That’s stingy. That’s like an old lady’s strategy plan!

Host : Who does the most foolish actions?
Kame : Foolish?
Host : Has an airhead personality
Kame : Taguchi?
Host : Him again! In what way is Taguchi like that?
Kame : He can never sense the atmosphere of a room very well.
Host : He can’t sense others’ feelings?
Kame : He’s adorable. He’s very straight and direct.
Host : What does he do when everyone’s trying to bond well? Is he like, “I played such and such game yesterday?!” “It was fun!”
Kame : He misses the topic
Host : In what way?
Kame : He’ll go off on a different topic from us. We’ll be like, “Which songs shall we do?” and he will suddenly say, “Let’s go to New York!” It’s like, “Huh?!” It’s about the songs. We were talking about songs, but….!

Host : Which member hates to lose the most? Probably Kamenashi.
Kame : It could be me but all of us pretty much hate to lose. But how can I put it? Koki keeps it inside himself that he hates to lose and Akanishi is so loud mouthed about hating to lose. He’ll keep going until he wins. I don’t really know about Nakamaru.
Host : You don’t know?
Kame : I just don’t understand him.
Host : You don’t know what he’s thinking?
Kame : Hmm… For Ueda, at times there are things he doesn’t mind losing but other things he hates to lose.
Host : Certain things?
Kame : He’s that type but… I hate to lose too.
Host : You do?
Kame : We all do.
Host : How about Taguchi?
Kame : Taguchi…. is fine about losing, isn’t he? But we all have a part of us that hates to lose.
Host : That’s why you made it this far
Kame : Yes. When we were first formed, our opinions were so strong that it was tough
Host : I see
Kame : Lately we have slowly learnt to back off at times and not always push our own agendas.
Host : I see. Men are that way, aren’t they?

Host : Whose private life is the most mysterious?
Kame : You think it would be Ueda but it’s Nakamaru.
Host : Nakamaru? Why, why?
Kame : This is weird but I can’t imagine him walking along holding hands with a girlfriend.
Host : Eh?! Why?
Kame : I don’t know. I just… I just can’t.
Host : You mean Nakamaru is weird as a human being?
Kame : It’s not that. It’s just that he’s kind of….? He seems so normal.
Host : Eh? normal?
Kame : Well, how can I put it? He’s like a university student.
Host : What? You mean he’s not very professional yet?
Kame : His contents are no problem.. It’s just that he’s kind of…? His lifestyle is.. He’ll just sleep anywhere. He doesn’t care what others think. He’s just abit odd like that. Once he said, “I was sleeping my car in the park the other day and a truck backed up into my car” I was like, “Why were you sleeping in the park?!”
Host : Why was he sleeping in his car instead of going home?
Kame : That’s why I can’t imagine him with a girl. I can’t imagine him and a girl being together. If I did see him with a girl, it would shock me! “He’s with a girl!” “He’s with a girl?”
Host : Like that?
Kame : Yes. I can’t imagine him on a date at all. I’d love to see it. I’s love to see that.

Host : Next, if you were a girl, which member would you like as your boyfriend?
Kame : None of them.
Host : None of them? Why?
Kame : It’s just kind of…. no, thanks
Host : Why not Koki?
Kame : Koki? I’m sure if I dated Koki, he’s be really devoted. But he’d be a pain.
Host : Ah, overbearing?
Kame : He’d be kind of too much.
Host : Too overbearing? How about Akanishi?
Kame : Akanishi? He does things at his own pace too much. I think he’s be like that.
Host : He only think of himself?
Kame : We’d only go to the places where he’d want to go.
Host : Ah.. How about Nakamaru?
Kame : Nakamaru? For starters, it’s unimaginable.
Host : Okay, how about Ueda?
Kame : Ueda? Ueda?? There’s just sometthing yuck about dating him.
Host : How sad!
Kame : I wouldn’t mind Ueda, but… Ueda?? If i was laying down like this and Ueda were here, it would be awful! It would feel strange. Strange. Ueda is like someone I’d see on TV
Host : How odd. You want him to be just a TV Star. How about Taguchi?
Kame : Taguchi? Yeah, but if dated him and we went out for dinner, afterwards he would write down exactly how much it cost.
Host : Well, how about yourself?
Kame : I’d be a pain to date too.
Host : A pain?
Kame : But of course I know myself the best. so, if I were a girl, it would be easy to know me. I wonder what it would be like to date me??
Host : Shall I date you so you can find out?
Kame : No, thanks.
Host : No, thanks!?! What?! You even added a hand movement to your refusal….!!


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