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Alternative sites besides Veoh


Veoh ban my country block my country… Sigh! 😦

Luckily there is an alternative website Crunchyroll and I get to watch Last Friends and many more… But sadly no Zettai Kareshi at Crunchyroll due to some unknown “squabble” between Crunchyroll and SARS Fansubs.

So, I thought I could never continue watching Zettai Kareshi again…. But, alas… Kudos to mysoju!!!! (although their videos are mostly from veoh) I’m so glad that I can finally watch Zettai Kareshi Episode 7 because mysoju switched to DailyMotion for this episode. Arigatou mysoju!! πŸ™‚

Besides mysoju and crunchyroll, another website worth mentioning that I stumble upon recently is Asian TV. Do check out this cool site. It has loads of Asian dramas and movies.

Lastly, please highlight and share any links should there be any more alternatives besides racist Veoh. Bullshit reason given if I may say so.. I found that Singapore is NOT being blocked?? and their population is soo tiny compare to Malaysia… Wow, Veoh so genius in their maths knowing that Singapore is huge and has a bigger market compare to Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand and so on.,..

Well, Boo Veoh!


15 thoughts on “Alternative sites besides Veoh

  1. Singapore is more smaller than our country. How can he block like that. Maybe because singapore more famous than us. I believe there are a lot of Malaysia user than singapore. Why those racist veoh conduct a research first before blocking…

  2. Monk, you have a valid point there that Singapore being more famous… Anyhow, Veoh is crap.

  3. I love Crunchyroll because their videos load extremely fast. However, like what you mentioned with Zettai Kareshi, SARS doesn’t allow crunchyroll user to upload videos with their subs. I guess it’s stealing their work. But thanks for the mysoju link! They have a ton of different dramas and movies!

  4. Yes… raison… Love crunchyroll too! In addition it has anime, MVs and loads of variety shows!! πŸ™‚

  5. i have another one. It’s where I watch everything. (I love CR but it’s mostly for my friends there)

  6. Thanks a lot Corin!!

  7. hello! i just finished watching ep10 of Zettai Kareshi in CR! i love CR! also..thanks for the AsianTV link. i prefer CR than mysoju because their videos load faster..:) and yeah..i don’t like veoh! booo! πŸ™‚

  8. You can access Crunchyroll in Singapore? Really?
    I can’t. Why ??? T___T

  9. Yuki, I did not hear or read any news of crunchyroll banning any countries. Perhaps you should contact the adminstrator. Good luck!

  10. I don’t like Veoh actions.. banning a country isn’t nice, but oh well, they must of had their reasons.
    BTW, I use as an alternative to Crunchyroll. They have a lot of high quality videos, and a big anime and drama collection of videos.

  11. Cool site Yun… Arigatou!! πŸ˜€

  12. does anyone know the activation code for asian t.v website cuz i cant go on that website unless i have a password someone please help thank u

  13. When you live outside the US/Canada, CruncyRoll is the worst site ever, MOST stuff is unavailable (becouse of region restrictions).

    few exceptions do aply

  14. can someone help me to get an asiantv account?

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