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Tokyo Tower


Age is just a number?– True or False?

False for me cos I’m good at maths. 😛

Anyway, another J-movie worth mentioning and stamping in this blog is Tokyo Tower. Though be warn that there is some mild bed scenes and nudity, it’s definitely NOT porn. In addition I don’t think that was the main reason it’s no longer available at crunchyroll. Notice that most movies/dramas related to Junichi Okada are put under Licensed Movies/Dramas. Hmmm……..

Anyway, luckily I get to download the movie (even though low-quality version) and its making, behind the scenes specials before they were removed from the website. Alternatively buy the dvd at cdjapan

Storyline-wise is about older woman younger man kinda thing but it’s not cute or funny at all like Suppli (Kame, Eita & Itoh Misaki) It’s rather moody, non-judgemental approach of exploring the adulterous relationship between 2 older women and 2 younger men with age gap around 10-20 years. Gasp!

Edit :  Movie links here.

Jun Matsumoto portrayed a more realistic version of a younger man whose main interest in older women is only casual sex. Whereas Junichi Okada’s character Tooru is truly deeply madly painfully in love. THAT I find hard to believe, almost like watching weepy undying love of unrealistic K-drama Prince Charming Tooru. I suppose being a hopeless romantic at certain times, I’m drawn to this “unrealistic love” version between Tooru and Shifumi. Passionate, touching and sad.

Come to think of it, the reason I watched Tokyo Tower was because of Matsujun but end up looking forward towards the scenes with Junichi Okada’s character instead. Haha. Anyway, I still heart Matsujun. He is really not shy to show some skin and dares to take unconventional acting roles ne.. The way he kiss is also different from his HYD roles. Sugoi… 😉 😛

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14 thoughts on “Tokyo Tower

  1. Watched the movie before. Em… not actually what I expected but it’s worth watching for people who like this kind of movie. I give 6/10 for this movie.

  2. I think this movie should be less appealing for guys though.

  3. i really love this movie, but i was only able to watch the first half on youtube
    if you have ANY advice on to where i could watch it, i would really appreciate it. I have been looking for it constantly.
    thank you!

  4. Hi Emily, Yes, I do have it but it’s not the high quality version to be watched on TV. You will need FLV player to view it…

  5. i missed watching this movie on CR, anyone still has a copy of it? i would love it if you can give me one…

  6. Sure Joy, I will email you the links to download… cheers!

  7. it is happy ending story isnt it? i’ve watch it on youtube recently.. but not be able to locate the rest of episod..

  8. I really want to see this one too !
    I downloaded it without subtitles 😦 do you maybe know where to find subs?

  9. hye there. i’ve dying to watch this movie. but i could’nt find it anywhere even at only at youtube but some how the quality is’nt that good and it took me ages for it to download it. could you plz help me on where can i download it. thnx so much ❤

    • lyana, I have the files. would you be interested? 🙂 Hmmm, i think i will post the link soon…. Watch this blogspace, cheers!

  10. hey, i’ve looked all over the internet for this movie and can’t find it anywhere. can you please send me a link for this, im dying to see this movie. =]

  11. hello..i’m also lurking through web for this movie..can you please post the link ??hehe

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