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Zettai Kareshi – Riiko still not in love with Nighto

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Riiko still not in love with Nighto like she was in the manga and methinks the drama version is just being true and realistic. Yeah, Hayami is really hot (I can’t take my eyes off him too 😛 ) but seriously being a gal or a woman or putting yourself in Riiko shoes, would you just fall in love with someone like Nighto overnightimmediately…. at first sight? (well maybe lust at first sight 😛 though)

Let’s look at these situations or circumstances..

1) Would you fall for someone who MERELY says sweet touching lovely things that you want to hear and knowing the fact that what he says or do is ACTUALLY NOT genuine? Summore you PAY him to do and say those things. Sigh! Kinda like paying for good-looking male escort? or perhaps we would fall in love with this type of guy.. cos Love is Blind sometimes ???.. hmmm..

2) Secondly,

money is also another issue. Known to break up relationships, marriages and even blood ties. So, would you immediately fall for someone who is the root cause of your money misery? Leaving you broke and almost without shelter to live on the streets? or perhaps despite the material hardship we would still fall in love cos True Love Conquers All?

3) Would you decide to love someone like Nighto when there is another guy like Prince Soushi? or any other Prince Charming in movies/dramas who is an heir or son of some big rich organization who will make you fall and bump your head on the ground till you couldn’t think clearly? or perhaps we would still love that “poorer” guy.. cos sometimes we are not that Shallow ne..

Anyhow, now that in Episode 5 Nighto has begun showing signs of becoming more human, I wonder whether in the coming episodes, Riiko would realise that and feel the genuine love from Nighto. Will she finally fall for Nighto?… Hmmm.. Till the next episodes.

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