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Last Friends


Just finished watching episode 5 of Last Friends at soju. Definitely gonna be my all-time favourite dramas even though I haven’t seen the ending yet.

The storyline is rather deep and dark. Plus, I’m sucker for character-driven kinda dramas, especially the way it unfolds layer by layer, leaving you wanting for more. Impressive performance especially from Ueno Juri (Nodame Cantabile).

Plus, I coundn’t get the theme song by Utada Hikaru out off my head. The lyrics is fittingly made for Ueno Juri’s gay character Ruka’s love to Michiru.

Download the OST (Prisoner of Love) Here

Last Friends Drama Trailer

Craving for normal happy family love?

Trapped Inside by the body?

Sexually traumatized victim?

Feeling of alone, loneliness despite being surrounded by good friends?

Working in welfare dept but an abuser himself?


8 thoughts on “Last Friends

  1. i love this show!! i can’t wait for episode 10!!

  2. me too 😉

  3. This drama isn’t so entertaining but the characters are and the mysterious beauty of them all entrances me to watch it till the end.

  4. The characters are not so much deeply explored as much I have hoped for … nevertheless i grew to love each of these characters even sousuke…

  5. I haven’t watched this drama yet, but the Prisoner of Love song is so great!!! Do you maybe have lyrics & translation of that song? 🙂

  6. Darn… the lyrics and translation was gone when my computer got spoilt and re-formatted…. 😦

  7. I love this drama!..One of the best! And Utada Hikaru’s song Prisoner of love really suits the theme of this jdorama.
    Btw~ Nice blog..

  8. Yup, definitely one of the best drama and great song of all-time… Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!

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