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Zettai Kareshi – Episode 3


Reasons to heart Zettai Kareshi…

Oh no! Aunty also hamsap!

This is soooo yucky! She even sucks her drools back in?! Ewww!

All because of hawt hawt hawt Hayami!!
and he is right. Do not try this at home or even anywhere.
No droolings and peeping πŸ˜›

Knock Knock, who’s there?
Oh no, I farted
Farted who?
Not some old Fart but Hawt hawt Hayami πŸ˜›

A kiss is NOT just a kiss.
It makes and breaks relationships. Sigh!

Till Episodes 4…..

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2 thoughts on “Zettai Kareshi – Episode 3

  1. hehe this is a brilliant post!! yes Hayami san really has the power to make us girls do all the nastiest things…

  2. I smile myself silly looking at him… *blush blush* hehe

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