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Shadows in the Palace – Movie

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Ever since the overrated Korean Drama Jumong, I seldom watch any Korean movies/dramas with historical period piece anymore. Bought the original Jumong DVD but never got around or the motivation to finish watching it, so long-winded and draggy!!

When a friend emailed me about this movie, I was kinda hesitated before checking the movie out. So, I might be bias here… TF, i suppose that further proves we have different taste in almost everything.

This movie leaves a weird taste in my mouth. A bizarre mix of Agatha Christie, Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum), TVB’s War and Beauty with some lame supernatural ending. The only “saviour” that makes this movie unforgettable is the gruesome torture scenes. Other than that, plot-wise and whodunit is rather predictable…



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