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Hero SP


Takuya Kimura reprised his role in HERO SP as the unconventional District Attorney who still has a weird hobby of buying weird things from TV shopping channel. Great to see him and Takako Matsu in the same movie again. It’s beeen sooo long as mentioned by Takako’s character…

I wonder whether there are plans for Long Vacation SP, Love Generation SP or any other earlier J-Dramas…. Wishful thinking ne.. I miss both of them. Good chemistry.

Ratings: (DVD Extras is a letdown. Merely trailers of this movie)

3 thoughts on “Hero SP

  1. hi! do you know where i can download long vacation’s ost (lalalalove song by nobuta)?

    the series is my fave. it’s already depressing that i’ve watched it just this year (grr!) so i’ve been late for over a decade. it’d be great if i’d get a copy of the song. hehe

  2. hi! i found the soundtracks i’ve been looking for! weeheehee

    found it on, the site you gave for the zettai kareshi ost…

    so thanks thanks thanks! 🙂

  3. Great!…. Glad you found it. I love Long Vacation too, truly a timeless classic…

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